#243: Breaking Stuff

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Chris and Marie are on to talk about when stuff breaks at CodePen. We chat about how things break, how we handle communication while things are broken, and what we learn about our product (and ourselves) when something isn’t working like it should.

Time Jumps

  • 00:56 Breaking hearts and getting support tickets
  • 07:08 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 09:06 Unable to save error
  • 14:52 Export failures
  • 19:11 Picks queue breaks?!
  • 21:03 Sponsor: WordPress
  • 23:11 Grass is greener on the app dev side
  • 30:38 Learn from our mistakes
  • 35:09 Posts causing issues
  • 47:02 Admin issues are less important

Sponsor: Netlify

Netlify, the powerful and awesome web host we all know and love, now is offering AWS Lambda functions built right in. You make a folder for all your functions, and they become relative paths you can hit to execute those functions. One reason you might wanna do that? Keeping your third-party API keys safe! Just another ingredient that make your fast static sites… not so static.

Sponsor: WordPress.com

WordPress powers a third of the internet. Surprising? Perhaps not once you get to know how easy and friendly, yet powerful and flexible WordPress.com is. If you can build a site on WordPress.com, you should. You’re doing yourself a big favor by not taking on the incredible technical debt of hosting a site yourself. Focus on your business instead.

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