#215: Podcasting 2

Show Description

Our podcast engineer, Chris Enns, chats with Marie about what’s changed in podcasting over the last year, how CodePen evaluates the success of their podcast, and offer up some podcast suggestions for listeners.

Time Jumps

  • 00:19 Guest intro
  • 01:31 A transformative year for podcasting
  • 02:20 Podcasting sprouts up from talk radio
  • 04:24 CodePen Radio’s podcast workflow
  • 09:24 Recast and podcast sharing
  • 12:21 Cold calls from wanna-be podcast guests
  • 14:56 Big money coming to podcasting
  • 19:54 Sponsor: Jetpack
  • 22:20 How does Codepen know the podcast is successful or working?
  • 27:11 What’s happening with Chris’ podcasting business
  • 30:33 Podcast suggestions

Sponsor: Jetpack

Jetpack brings a wealth of features to your self-hosted WordPress site as one of the best no-brainer plugins for WordPress there is. One feature I just recently used for the first time was the video hosting and video player. I had a video clip that I just wanted to drag and drop into a blog post like I would an image, but it was a little too big. Fortunately I just uploaded it through WordPress.com, it was magically available in the Media dialog on my self-hosted site, and it worked perfectly.

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